The Where is Happiness webinar

The Where is Happiness webinar

  • An online happening which can transform your view on life
  • Based on the Wisdom and Teachings of Spiritual Master Adi Da Samraj
  • Playful and interactive
  • One-hour program
  • Free participation

The webinar draws on the Where is Happiness retreat program which is successfully being held in retreat centers around the world. The webinar format gives people the opportunity to participate from anywhere in the world. The program is organized and presented by volunteers from around the globe who feel inspired and passionate to bring Adi Da’s Wisdom to a larger audience. And, as always, the more active you participate the more you will get out of it.


January (2022)

  • January 13, English (CET)

There is a maximum of 100 participants for each webinar

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Adi Da Samraj: The Bodily Location of Happiness

The Where is Happiness webinar