What others have said about the retreat:

Yi Wen:
‘The retreat brought understanding to my questions and clarified my path and what is important to me. It really moved me deeply and effected me strongly. I was able to take a much deeper look at myself. I really appreciated how much I learned and am so happy that I came. Thank you.’

‘Brought peace and awareness  and understand ego as activity.’

‘Despite the fact that I don’t understand things it has brought me more understanding and insight. This sounds paradoxical, but this is the way I feel it. Letting go has become more important, but difficult.’

‘This retreat brought me peace, relaxation, emptiness, happiness and giving. I have gotten to know interesting and very nice people that I otherwise would have never met. The surroundings were beautiful and a new source of philosophical information was given that is very useful.’

‘The retreat gave me an answer to what happiness to me really is. I am happy and can now allow myself to feel this more in my whole body.’

‘The Where is happiness retreat brought me in contact with Adi Da Samraj in a very nice, beautiful and penetrating way and with really nice, wonderful people.’

‘This retreat was filled with very nice people – both participants and hosts. I felt that all people and opinions were respected and I felt safe to really express myself. Everything was very nicely and lovingly served, including the rooms and food, etc. The energy of the retreat was totally supportive. In that sense, I feel invited to come again and deepen my understanding. It was a real acknowledgment and recognition of what is important for me – from a new angle, but in essence the same. I feel a lot of enrichment and gratitude.’

‘It allowed me to see things from a different perspective. It showed me that more people than I thought of are having loving and open hearts. It helped me see certain things that I am doing in my life that prevent me from being happy. The retreat gave me insight and relaxation.’

‘I have always liked the Teaching of Adi Da Samraj, but this was the first time I could discuss this with other people that were also interested in the same subjects. I thoroughly enjoyed this and loved the interaction with the guides. I had many deep insights throughout the whole weekend with many tools to take home. I am really looking forward to implementing these teachings in my daily life. Thank you so much for providing this wonderful environment for learning.’

‘I felt a huge pull to come here and check out this way and Adi Da’s teachings. I am so happy I did. Thank you so much for creating this amazing retreat. It is incredible to be here and experience Adi Da’s legacy. You are all very open and giving people.’